TOP V. WEEKEND PICKS (5/21-5/28)

1. OTVReruns x the #LetUsBreathe Collective Artist Talk with Sandra Oviedo/Colectivo Multipolar

May 22, 8-9:30pm

OTV – Open Television and #LetUsBreathe Collective

With Abra Johnson, Ashley Ray, Aymar Jean Christian, Elijah McKinnon, Erik Lamar Wallace II, Felicia Holman, Jordy Palmer, Meida McNeal, Niki Madison, Phillip Lambert, Rachel Relman, Roger Fierro, Saya Naomi, and Stephanie Jeter

2. Artist Talk with Sandra Oviedo/Colectivo Multipolar

May 22, 3-4pm


3. The Quarantine Concerts

May 24, 3pm

Experimental Sound Studio

With Aki Onda, Victoria Keddie, Duncan Moore, Deforrest Brown, Jr.,  MV Carbon, and The Space Lady (Curated by Ka Baird)

4. One Night Stand: Martín Ramírez’s Trains and Tunnels

May 27, 7:30-8pm

Intuit: The Center for Intuitive and Outsider Art

5. Ian Hatcher: Data Recovery Workshop: a performance lecture

May 27, 7-8pm

Lucky Pierre

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