The Pro Guide To Colouring Your Hair At Home

All over the world, people are practicing

social distancing

to slow the spread of


. For most, it’s proving to be challenging in ways we didn’t expect, including our beauty routines. Sure,

removing our own gels


waxing at home

isn’t as timely or pressing as most of the issues facing the world at large, but it can help restore some dignity and a sense of routine to people who feel upended by the changes around them. If there’s one beauty treatment that’s especially intimidating though, it’s hair colour.

“It’s best to leave big colour changes to the professionals,” says

Ashley Streicher

, celebrity colourist and Garnier consulting stylist. “You don’t want to try new colours and techniques at home just because you’re bored.” That being said, successfully using toning gloss, root touch-up, or single-process colour is totally possible with the right tips and tools.

“Before attempting to colour your hair at home, it’s important that you understand what colour your hair is,” Streicher says. “Are you a medium, warm brown? Or maybe a light, cool blonde?” To do so, she recommends paying close attention to colour guides on product websites and at-home boxes to match your natural colour. Plan to grab two boxes if your hair is super thick or long and, regardless, always do a patch test on a small, bottom section of hair before doing the full job.

Still nervous? For extra clarity around your colour and formula choice, Streicher suggests checking in with your hairdresser. “Call your colourist and talk to them honestly about what your goal is,” Streicher says. “This will help to avoid colour correction later.” Keep scrolling for more pro tips, plus the products that make it easy, ahead.

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