recent experiences with EHarmony

How has your


experience with EHarmony been? I’m trying to figure out if it’s worth joining.

Recently I have found free dating sites to be lacking and I’m considering EHarmony.

I know the common wisdom on here is “Ok Cupid”, and while I think OKC used to be good and fine, I feel that it’s really changed in the last 3 years or so and it seems that the quality of profiles and thoughtfulness has really gone down. I use Bumble now, which I feel is a bit better, but I thought it may be helpful to join a site with even more intention behind it.

I kind of like how EHarmony asks a lot of questions and tries to match via compatibility that way (yes, I know OKc does that, but it seems not as good now- I’m very familiar with it).

So, as someone who is leftist, a bit unconventional, “artsy”, a woman looking for relationships with men, and 41 years old– my question is , if you have you used EHamony recently, did you like it and is it worth joining? (paid).

I’d prefer people who have been more recent users chime in. (I have searched on the site and don’t see many recent questions about Eharmony)

Also, please know that I am quite familiar with most of the free sites.

Also, I tried Match before and didn’t like it.


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