Do You Have to Receive Love to Be in Love?

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But even though we have a two-way love, I spend a lot of my time just observing my wife from afar. And I find it incredibly gratifying to know my love and awe for her is not dependent on her love for me.

It stands on its own.

Peace Of Mind

If you find yourself in love with someone that isn’t reciprocating, I encourage you not to make your feelings dependent on getting the love back from them, as I did previously. Just try loving them the way you would love a beautiful, awe-inspiring mountain. If you can practice loving this way, it will bring you much greater joy, peace, and fulfillment than you could ever imagine.

It will also help you learn to think about love, not as something dependent on reciprocation, but as something you can give out freely—with no expectations or need for a response.

PS: What Are The Chances?

I didn’t think I’d ever see the girl from college again. But amazingly, I ran into her not too long ago in the Los Angeles airport. She just happened to be standing in the TSA line with her former boyfriend, now husband, and their three kids.

The odds of us running into each other across the country in that line on that particular day and time is mindboggling to calculate.

But there we were.

We chatted for a moment, as our eyes and hearts searched around for that previous connection, but it wasn’t there anymore. And then it was time to say our goodbyes.

She asked me to give her a call sometime, and she even left a voicemail for me a few days later. How she got my number, I don’t know. But I never did call her back, and I never saw her again.

I’ve found my glorious mountaintop view in both my wife and daughter. And I’m pleased with how life turned out, even though you couldn’t have told me that back when I was in the grip of an unreciprocating love affair.

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