Ashely Madison: قرنطینه coronavirus سنبله را در امور آنلاین می بیند


There are millions of people stuck at home with the stay-at-home coronavirus quarantine lockdowns right now, with ashley madison — an online website dedicated to those seeking something outside of their marriage or relationship, reporting huge spikes in online affairs.

Ashely Madison: coronavirus quarantine sees spike in online affairs 04 |

ashley madison’s new report says that they’ve been adding 17,000 new members per day during the coronavirus lockdown, which is compared to 15,500 new members per day in 2019. A spike of 1500 new people per day is pretty big, which makes up 45,000 people per month looking for something outside of their marriage — while stuck inside with their spouse.

Paul Keable, chief strategy officer for ashley madison, explained: “We’ve spoken to members, and they’re saying they’re using the site as a release valve for the tension that’s built up at home during the pandemic. They’re looking to have needs met that aren’t being met at home“.

Worse yet: ashley madison have changed their tagline for the COVID-19 outbreak — which now reads: “Life is short. Have an affair”.


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