An Adult Cam Site Exposed 10.88 Billion Records


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An Adult Cam Site Exposed 10.88 Billion Records (



from the another-day-another-hack dept.

CAM4, a popular adult platform that advertises “free live sex cams,” misconfigured an ElasticSearch production database so that it was easy to find and view heaps of personally identifiable information, as well as corporate details like fraud and spam detection logs. According to Wired, the database

exposed 7 terabytes of names, sexual orientations, payment logs, and email and chat transcripts

— 10.88 billions records in all. From the report:

First of all, very important distinction here: There’s no evidence that CAM4 was hacked, or that the database was accessed by malicious actors. That doesn’t mean it wasn’t, but this is not an Ashley Madison-style meltdown. It’s the difference between leaving the bank vault door wide open (bad) and robbers actually stealing the money (much worse). […] The list of data that CAM4 leaked is alarmingly comprehensive. The production logs Safety Detectives found date back to March 16 of this year; in addition to the categories of information mentioned above, they also included country of origin, sign-up dates, device information, language preferences, user names, hashed passwords, and email correspondence between users and the company.

Out of the 10.88 billion records the researchers found, 11 million contained email addresses, while another 26,392,701 had password hashes for both CAM4 users and website systems. A few hundred of the entries included full names, credit card types, and payment amounts. Who’s Affected?
It’s hard to say exactly, but the Safety Detectives analysis suggests that roughly 6.6 million US users of CAM4 were part of the leak, along with 5.4 million in Brazil, 4.9 million in Italy, and 4.2 million in France. It’s unclear to what extent the leak impacted both performers and customers.

The report says CAM4’s parent company, Granity Entertainment, took the server offline within a half hour of being contacted by the researchers.

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